Butterfly wall hanging


All items are handmade and are one of a kind from foraged wild and domesticated plants. I collect whatever is in season on my daily walks, usually in the Philadelphia area. The composition of my pieces range from traditional (using whole, pressed flowers and leaves) to more abstract. Each piece involves laying jewelry-grade resin in several layers, over several sittings.

"when we come undone, we will come undone together"

14.5 by 7 inch (including frame) shadowbox layered with whole and pieces of various morphos, swallowtails, and skipper butterflies. Bronze accents on front and immersed in the layers lends an extra three-dimensionality. I created this after doing a lot of reading about the loss of our pollinating insects due to various human activities, especially the overuse of pesticides.
Ready to hang. All specimens died natural deaths at the Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion in Philadelphia.

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